Q:  When does registration start?
A:  Early September. An announcement will go out to your UTmail as well as on our Facebook when registration opens!

Q:  When will I see the PhysioMP CCR credit on my account?
A:  CCR accreditation will be updated by the Mentorship Resource Centre some time in the summer following completion of the program in May (June to August). Please email us if you still do not see your credit in the following September.

Q:  I’m not enrolled in Physiology but rather a different science program; can I still be part of PhysioMP?
A:  Thank you for your interest, however it is a strict requirement for PhysioMP that mentors and mentees have been enrolled in a(n): 1) Physiology major, minor, or specialist POSt (undergraduate stream); or 2) MSc or PhD Program in Physiology (graduate stream).  There are event overlaps within the Departmental student associations, so we  hope to see you there!

Q:  My mentor/mentee is unresponsive; what should I do?
A:  Try following up! They might have just missed your email by accident.
If this persists, please email the Program Coordinators

Q:  I discovered PhysioMP late and the registration deadline has passed.  Can I still register for this year?
A:  Please email us directly to see if special accommodations are possible at this time.  

Q:  Do mentees get CCR credit?
A:  Yes! Both mentor AND mentee positions are eligible to be recognized for CCR credit. To see how you can qualify, check out the Program Requirements

Q:  How can I provide feedback about the program?
A:  Feel free to email us anytime!  Additionally, there will be an end-of-year survey (and a chance to receive a free Starbucks gift card!).

Q:  Are there executive positions in the PhysioMP Coordinating Team?
A:  Feel free to email us! We are interested in people who are experienced in program and workshop coordinating to take leadership roles in following years.  

Q:  How can I stay connected?
A: We are on both Facebook and Twitter! In addition, feel free to email us at physiomp.uoft@gmail.com

Q:  Why is there always a caterpillar in the Twitter posts?
A:  That’s Pablo, the PhysioMP mascot! Pablo was created for one of the activities at our Physiology Department station during the St George campus Science Rendezvous. He loves mentorship and growing together! 😀

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If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us🙂