Learn-To-Run Program

Due to COVID, the program may not be offered this year. Please check back in January 2021 for updates. 

Mentors and mentees within PhysioMP will get the opportunity to partake in the Learn-To-Run Program [originally offered to only students enrolled in Human Physiology II (PSL301)] to earn an additional co-curricular record (CCR) credit.

The Learn-To-Run Program is an innovative exercise program developed by Dr. Michelle French1 with MoveU (Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education) and Runner’s Academy (Hart House) in order to promote physical activity for students. In addition to building a sense of community, exercise is a powerful stimulus for enhanced learning, ability to cope to stress, and general well-being. These align directly with the goals of PhysioMP.

Beginning in January, PhysioMP mentors and mentees will also get the chance to join this formal 10-week learn-to-run coaching program and participate in weekly community runs. These will be held at the Hart House Fitness Centre track on Mondays (6:10 – 7 pm). The program will culminate with an optional participation in an official MEC 5K Race in early April (on a Sunday). Race entry fee is subsidized by the program.

For any additional inquiries, please contact physiomp.uoft@gmail.com

Student Testimonials

Before the program, I had started to exercise – I had lost 60 pounds and my marks had gone up by 10 percent. This program reinforced my cardio routine. It was an exemplary experience and I hope it continues in the future!” – Kevin G (Arts and Science student)

I ran the MEC race with a friend from the program – it got tough at the end but we made it through! This was a perfect opportunity to have fun and meet other students.” – Matthew P (Arts and Science student)

Featured photo:   Dr. French with her students at the April MEC Toronto 5K race2
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